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Same sign, same
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Latin is a dominant
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    Arabic and Latin Typographies

Arabic and Latin typographies can be found together on many products, street signs, printed materials, packages, websites etc.

When a design includes two typographies, as the street sign in Dubai shows, the impression of the whole message changes. The upper sign is clear and very readable. It's on a motorway and such properties are highly required for passengers. Meanwhile the other sign is written in a beautiful Arabic Calligraphy style "Thuluth font". It's not so easy to read but very beautiful. This is because it's placed in a small way and seen by pedestrians who have time to see, read and enjoy the art of Calligraphy.

The harmony between Arabic and
Latin texts is desirable in most of the bilingual design kinds, but other design solutions are also accepted as:
  • One dominant Typography
  • Banlance between Typographies
  • Distinction between Typographies
Typomedia is carrying on research to develop the harmony/contrast design solutions between Arabic and Latin typographies to produce a high quality and attractive design accepted by different cultures.