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We at Monalisa Property Management
have commissioned a couple of graphic designer companies to come out with a logo that can easily turn heads. Typomedia proved itself to be the epitome of Graphic Deisgn through the batch of work completed for Monalisa Property Management. The combination of colours, fonts and layout embodies the utltimate creativity that everyone strives for.

The design of our website and graphics has by far exceeded our expectations. www.frimley-kc.com

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About Typomedia

Typomedia is a creative design agency, based in London, providing companies and individuals with a complementary range of high quality graphic design, prints,  website design, multimedia, video editing and  typographies, to suit their requirements and budgets. We work with small businesses and use the latest technologies to offer the highest standards to create innovative and effective design solutions.Typomedia was established in 1999 in Sweden and moved to the UK in 2007. With over seven years experience, working with all types of businesses, Typomedia has remained focused on its core objectives and values:
  • Be open, accountable and professional at all times
  • Ensure high standards of design creativity
  • Ensure that jobs move forward on schedule
  • Work in partnership with our clients for mutual benefit
  • Provide reliable and responsive services
  • Keep our prices as low as possible without losing any quality